At OC Sugaring & Skin, we believe your vibe attracts your tribe. And, our tribe starts with YOU!

From our sugarists to our San Juan Capistrano studio, our products to our client experience, we believe positivity makes the world go ‘round.

So, you will only experience comfortable, confident, inclusive, and fun vibes with us.

From the moment you enter our studio, we want you to feel like you can leave the world behind.

So, we carefully designed our space to make you feel like you’re visiting a true retreat. Here, you can expect to enter feeling welcomed and leave feeling relaxed.

Plus, we want to answer all of your hair removal questions in between (seriously, ask them). We’re here to make you feel like your best self…just with a little less hair.


Is hair removal about to feel like a spa day you want to relive again?


The only answer is yes!

Jenifer Eddy is the owner of OC Sugaring & Skin, our branding guru (and social media star!), and the co-curator of our positive client and studio vibes.

Jenifer transformed our studio space into our OC coastal surf vibe (with plants!), and she helps to ensure we’re excelling in creating the best experience for our clients. As the owner and lead planner of Klink Events, she’s also our go-to logistics gal behind-the-scenes. Jenifer calls Jesus her main man, and she’s also a mama to four and a wife to one amazing husband.

Jenifer is never not listening to Taylor Swift, and she’s always ready to sip champagne and have a dance party (bonus points if all three can happen at the same time). Long story short: This girl loves a good time and is the life of the party.

Jenifer Eddy

owner + branding guru

Maddy Eddy is the lead sugarist at OC Sugaring & Skin and the co-curator of all of the positive studio vibes. She’s enthusiastic and ambitious, she’s caring and loves our clients, and she’s loyal AF.

Maddy started her skincare journey as a facialist before jumping into sugaring training at Keko Sugaring. Plus, Karie Hull, our OG Founder, gave her all of the OC Sugaring & Skin training touches.  Maddy has been sugaring for over 6 years now and rumor has it you can’t find a faster, less-painful Brazilian in all of OC. 

Long story short: This girl can sugar…and sugar fast. 

Maddy Eddy

Lead Sugarist/ Assistant Studio Manager 

Cassie started with us as an intern working under our Lead Sugarist, Maddy. Maddy took her under her wing and passed on sugar-wings to Cassie! She was a natural from the get-go and picked up the art of sugaring super quick!

Cassie is down-to-earth and loves people. She has a way of connecting with people in a way that will make you feel like you have known her all your life. 

Long story short: This girl will be your newest bestie for life.




Judith is our newest sugar babe at OC Sugaring & Skin, but she is no stanger to sugaring.  She started her career 2 years ago working in Brooklyn, NY and hasn’t stopped since.

Judith is passionate about skincare and caring for each individual client. She has a way with clients that makes them feel seen and cared for. Her calm but fun-going demeanor gives her the perfect bedside manner.

Long story short: This girl loves people…and loves them hard.



Our Values




Katherine Beth Photography

how we were founded

In 2010 when Karie saw an opportunity to introduce a new kind of organic skincare to Orange County, she jumped into sugaring and never looked back.

For years, OC Sugaring & Skin was one of very few studios offering this organic practice. It’s not a surprise Karie became known as one of the most skilled and reputable women in the industry and built an incredible following to boot! For years, Jenifer and Maddy Eddy were two of Karie’s clients.

But, when Karie started to wonder if she could make a shift in her life and business, the trio had an idea: What if Jenifer and Maddy took over OC Sugaring & Skin? It was a match made in skincare heaven. With training and the same devotion to caring for people well, Jenifer and Maddy Eddy are carrying on the tribe Karie started with the very same passion for sharing sugaring with all the people in the world (or at least Orange County).

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